Monday, 21 December 2020

Three figure studies

December was a very wet month so the garden got a rest and I spent some time at the easel.

Three figure studies completed using the contrasts of light against dark with both sunlight and studio lighting. The first study was Enjoying the Sun

The next study Into the Night was indoors using back lighting and the last one was Time to Relax.

Enjoying the Sun     

Time to Relax

Into the Night

Thursday, 10 December 2020

That Loving Feeling acrylc painting


John completes the painting, "That Loving Feeling".

Rain arrived as forecast, so no gardening today. Time to relax, so after putting up the Xmas tree and lights I got out this painting in need of updating which I started some time ago. Reckon it has to be finished now, so it got signed (the last bit of paint) Yesterday it was cold but dry so it was up to the allotment to put a new felt covering on the roof as water leeking in was very serious. Help arrived to get it completed before the sun set. Brilliant teamwork. Ronnie nailed around the sides, I nailed the roof and Robert kept us supplied with materials. I think now that the Xmas tree is up, the lights on, the shed waterproof and my painting complete only task left is to open that bottle of Dalwhinnie Winters Gold. Well it is the festive season.